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Violinist Dr. Eun Hwan Bai Paganini Secret!
1. Each fingers: set in "4 Octave Chord Pattern"….such as 'La La La La'(A A A A) with 1234 fingering at 1st position.
2. With above set of chord, process the full scale(Carl Flesch) up to the highest position possible which would be just near the bridge!.
3. Apply the vibrato while you do the each shifting even at the 1st position with 4 fingers of 4 octaves.
4. Plug each note with left hand Pizziccato, 1st note in G is pizzed with 2nd finger, 2nd note in D is pizzed with 3rd finger, 3rd note in A is pizzed with 4th finger…..with whole pattern of above scales.
5. Without bow, like No. 4…just use the left hand power to hammer down the chord from the air, with 4 fingers set…so, you may hear the sound of the touch when the fingers are hit on the fingerboard while you jump.
6. Use the "Broken Arppegio" with above pattern of scale, gradually increase speed with various choices above.
7. Without holding a violin, just imagine and practice above system in your head, while you are trying to go to sleep everyday…or in any moment of your spare time.
Written & Discovered By
Dr. Eun Hwan Bai 2005. Oct 10.
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  Dr.Eun Hwan Bai 2012 Concert Series
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