one string only 4 octave A's;13244231,13244231,12344321,12344321,E's;13242311324231,1234321234321,C's;1324231324231,1234321234321,A's;1324231324231,1234321234321 Dr. Bai 11·07
  High A on E string with 1st finger plus arpeggio up and down with 13244231 in one very slow bow speed with viola bow upside down bow hold staying slowest bow speed Dr. Bai 11·05
  All 4 octaves in one string; AAAA with fingering 1324 in different octives; A1 means the 1st note, A2 means 1st octave above, A3 means 2nd octave above and so on... Dr. Bai 08·31
  3rd Scale with fingering reversed such as G on g string with 3rd finger and E on d string with 1st finger, A on g string with 4th finger and F on d string with 2nd Dr. Bai 08·06
  G & D strings only, arpeggio with 13244231,13244231,13244231,13244231 until reaching top on the fingerboard and come down with 42311324,42311324,42311324 to the end Dr. Bai 08·03
  G strings only; all A's with fingering 13241324(up)42314231(down) along with 5th double stops of G and D strings in one bow up and down with very slow or fast speed Dr. Bai 07·30
  Double Harmonics with G and D Strings on 1st finger down and 4th finger on one octave above at each position laying glissando chromatic scale up to very top note... Dr. Bai 07·25
  G and D Strings only; keep fingering in order of 1234321 with la, re, sol, do, sol, re, la on G string only at the same time with mi, la, re, sol, re, la, mi on D Dr. Bai 07·09
  G# on G string with 1st finger at 1st position Plus D# on G string with 3rd finger
E on D string with 2nd finger at 1st position Plus B on D string with 4th finger
Dr. Bai 07·02
  Fingered Tenth Broken Arpeggio Trill plus Adding one or two more notes with octave glissando up and down....십도, 플러스 두세개 음 더한 트릴 옥타브 글리산도 Dr. Bai 11·02
  Carl Flesch Scale with two strings exchanging every note ; 칼플레쉬 스케일을 두줄로 각음마다 교대로 소리를 내주는 매우 난해한 연습법; 휭거링은 자유이나 13241324 Dr. Bai 10·07
  Two Stringed Fifth Fingered Octave Trill Broken Arpeggio;도무지 무슨뜻인지 모르시는분을 위해서; 두줄위에서 1(5도)과3(5도)으로 옥타브 간격으로 스트레치 트릴 알페지오 Dr. Bai 09·10
  꿈속에서 받은 바이올린에 관한 정보 또는 아이디어... Fingered 10th Trill  Broken Arpeggio, Fingered 11th Trill Broken Arpeggio, Fingered 12th Trill Broken Arpeggio. Dr. Bai 08·24
  쇼스타코비치 바이올린 콘첼토, 첼로 콘첼토 8월 연주 많이 와주세요...기록적인 폭염으로 건강에 많은 유의를 하시기 바랍니다. Dr. Bai 08·08
  7월10일 오늘 오랜만에 시원한 비가 내리고 있다.박근혜의원의 대선출정식도 있었다.
음악가의 삶은 참으로 축복받은 삶이라 생각된다.적어도 평생 연습할 이유가 있기때문이다
Dr. Bai 07·11
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