1. Posture and technique for teaching beginners
Effective pedagogic methods
Performance posture
Basic technique on the violin
There are no cardinal rules in the bow technique

2. Intonation and Ear
Frequency of the string and length of the string: opposite ratios
Harmonics and double stops

3. Practice methods for scales
What does it mean to practice?
Scales: Different variety scales and Method of practice


What is available in the violin literature for students of different levels of development?

For those of us who want to learn to play the violin as a hobby, how far must we study until we are able to just enjoy playing?

What are the special points I need to remember when I am purchasing a violin?

How long should my daily practice should be?

How early should a child start playing the violin?

When is a good time to begin 'vibrato'?


Dr. Eun-Hwan Bai


KonKuk University
Yale University
Seoul Sound
Musical Online
Korea Festival Ensemble


Dr. Bai's High-Tech Lesson




Bulletin Board


Nathan Milstein

Eun-Hwan Bai

Erick Friedman


Complete 24 Caprices
for Violin & Viola
(Sound Hill)
Performed by Eun-Hwan Bai

1. Andante E Major 2/4
2. Moderato B minor 6/8
3. Sostenuto E minor 4/4
4. Maestoso C minor 2/4
5. A minor 4/4
6. Adagio G minor 3/4
7. A minor 6/8
8. Maestoso Eb Major 4/4
9. Allegretto E Major 2/4
10. Vivace G minor 6/8
11. Andante C Major 3/4
12. Allegro Ab Major 4/4



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